The gas boiler does not catch fire, what should I do?

2019 / Jun / Mon
If the gas boiler is operated in accordance with the correct operating methods and instructions, and the boiler operation, maintenance and maintenance system is strictly observed, the furnace workers are responsible for the work, and the boiler is basically free from any danger. Some boiler explosions or dangerous accidents that occurred in various places were mostly caused by improper operation of personnel and neglect of inspection of boilers.

Today, we first talk about the phenomenon of abnormal ignition of gas boilers,  and tell us about some treatment methods. I hope that I can help you more effectively and understand the gas boilers that I use.

First, the igniter problem
If the pulse igniter and controller fail, one of the gas boilers will not start.
Second, the battery problem
If there is a problem with the battery, the first thing to look at is whether the battery is too old, because the voltage is not enough to make the gas boiler not catch fire.
Third, the water pressure problem
The water in the inflow of the filter in the water inlet of the gas boiler cannot flow normally, and it can be used normally after being cleaned and cleaned.
Fourth, the solenoid valve problem
If the gas boiler is ignited, only the ignition sound can be heard, and there is no magnetic sound of the solenoid valve, which may be damage or aging of the solenoid valve. When the solenoid valve is aging, it will be uncontrolled. When the fire is started, it can be sucked and hit, and it will catch fire, but then it will close and turn off. Before confirming that the solenoid valve is good or bad, make sure that the ignition control circuit is normal. Can't control the solenoid valve to pull in.
Five, ignition needle or induction needle problem
The ignition coil offset of the gas boiler can be changed or the ignition needle can be correctly placed; if the induction aging problem is solved, it is only necessary to place the induction polishing.
Sixth, the pipe can’t be exhausted normally
The gas boiler pipe has an infarction, and the pipe for inflating the pipe intrusion is too long and is not properly installed. Refer to the instructions for a balanced water heater double-layer pipe installation.
Seven, water and gas linkage installation problems
In the gas boiler water-gas linkage valve, the tympanic membrane is aged or damaged, and the micro-switch cannot be pushed; the micro-switch is broken.

The above 7 points are the square fast boilers for you to sort out. For the reasons and troubleshooting of the gas boilers, you can check your own gas boilers. If the above problems occur, you can check them in time.