Price of 5t Oil fired Steam Boiler

2021 / Sep / Sun
The price of 5t Oil fired Steam Boiler is about $10,000. The fuel can be natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, light oil, diesel, heavy oil, dual fuel and other fuels. The pressure of the product is between 0.7Mpa-1.6Mpa.

Oil fired Steam Boiler is a three-tempered steam boiler. It is equipped with a good performance burner and advanced technology. Combustion control, water intake, program operation, etc. are fully automated. The fantasy boiler is safe and reliable, and has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, convenient installation, high efficiency, low pollution and low noise.

The characteristics of Oil fired Steam Boiler are mainly divided into the following points:
1. Patented technology: 100% complete butt welding, minimal stress and reliable quality.

2. Large-caliber corrugated furnace: The combustion chamber is composed of a large-caliber full corrugated furnace with a large combustion space.

3. High steam quality: the volume of steam space is large, and the net distance between the steam-water interface and the steam outlet is sufficiently high.

4. Advanced automatic control: The boiler controller adopts Siemens/Delixi electrical components.

5. Multifunctional safety explosion-proof device: The back panel of the boiler is equipped with an explosion-proof device connected to the furnace.

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