Poor water quality will cause extremely serious harm to oil and gas boilers

2021 / Aug / Tue
Water is one of the indispensable substances in the operation of oil and gas boilers. If the boiler wants to produce a large amount of steam or hot water, it needs a large amount of water to enter the boiler. It can be said that the water quality is very important for the boiler. . If the boiler inlet water is of poor quality and flows directly into the boiler without any treatment, it will bring extremely serious harm and adverse effects to the oil and gas boiler.

1. Poor water quality will cause scale in oil and gas boilers
       When suspended solids, colloids, and inorganic salts are heated or exceed their saturation concentration, they will settle and precipitate, forming sludge and scale, which greatly affects the boiler's heat transfer efficiency and boiler water circulation, fuel waste, heating surface damage, boiler output decline, and cleaning Increase in volume. There is a scale of 1 mm thick, which wastes 10% of fuel. When a boiler of 10 kgf/cm2 runs without scale, the tube wall temperature is 280. C. After 1 mm thick silicate scale is formed, the temperature of the tube wall rises to 680 due to the increase in thermal resistance. C. At this time, the strength of the steel plate is reduced from 40 kgf/cm2 to 10 kgf/cm2, which causes the pressure of the boiler to drop, and the furnace wall cracks, bulges, or even bursts. When the scale is serious, serious accidents such as blockage of furnace tubes, waterways, boiler shutdown and boiler explosion, etc. occur. The boiler shutdown causes freezing and cracking of production equipment and heating equipment also occur from time to time.

2. Poor water quality will cause corrosion of oil and gas boilers
       Poor water quality causes metal corrosion, which leads to the destruction of boiler metal components. The metal corrosion products form new structural materials and produce under-scaling corrosion, which accelerates the damage of metal components.

3. Poor water quality will cause oil and gas boilers to produce steam and water.
       The phenomenon that the water droplets in the furnace drum of the steam boiler are taken away by the steam is called co-leakage of steam and water. One of the reasons for this is that the water contains more impurities such as sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, silicide, and organic matter. The production of steam and water will cause serious pollution of the steam, the superheater tube and the steam circulation tube will accumulate salt, and the pipeline will be blocked in severe cases, the steam temperature will drop, water will be produced and corrosion will be broken.

4. Poor water quality will cause caustic embrittlement of oil and gas boilers
       Caustic embrittlement refers to the irregular damage-explosion caused by low-carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel when the tensile stress exceeds the yield point and at the same time is in contact with the concentrated caustic soda solution.

Through the Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory, I will explain to you the harmful effects of poor water quality on oil and gas boilers. For units that do not pay much attention to water treatment, the operating conditions of their boilers are often: one year is good, two years old, and three years burn out. This will not only bring huge economic losses, but also cause major safety accidents such as production shutdowns and explosions.