WNS model 10 tons of gas steam boiler market price positioning

2021 / Jun / Wed

In the field of gas steam boiler, WNS model is a more common type of gas steam boiler, WNS is the full name of horizontal, internal combustion, chamber combustion type boiler equipment, the obvious characteristics of this kind of boiler is the use of reasonable space in the furnace, the structure is well arranged, small footprint, high operating efficiency, stable operating state, and so on. Therefore, once it is pushed into the market, it has won the favor and recognition of the majority of users, and the proportion of its use in the market is increasing year by year.


Many users are interested in gas steam boilers, but they do not understand the selection and market price of boilers. Zhengzhou Fang Kuai Boiler Factory will answer questions and doubts for you. Take a 10 ton gas steam boiler for example.

10 tons of gas steam boiler market price in the market at present is generally in the range 80-1.2 million yuan between, as for the middle price difference so high, mainly because of the boiler operation efficiency and quality, high efficiency of the boiler equipment in use process must be very energy saving money, so everyone boiler when the choose and buy, not only depends on the purchasing cost, The late operation cost should also be considered in place, so as to make the boiler better serve us.

Zhengzhou Fang Kuai Boiler Factory would also like to remind you that in gas steam boiler equipment, the importance of safety valve.

The safety valve is a safety device to prevent the equipment and container from exploding due to excessive pressure under abnormal conditions.

When the pressure in the equipment is too high, the safety valve opens automatically and closes automatically when the pressure drops to a safe range to prevent the equipment from exploding due to too high pressure. The general safety valve constant pressure is 0.5 ~ 1.10 times of the operating pressure.


Safety valve according to its structure and principle of action is divided into gravity type, lever type, spring type and so on. When the working temperature is high and the pressure is not too high, the lever type is more appropriate. High pressure equipment should be spring type; Spring type safety valve is commonly used.