What is the price of an 8 ton gas steam boiler?

2021 / Jun / Wed
8 tons of gas steam boiler refers to the boiler equipment that can output 8 tons of high temperature steam per hour, which is commonly used in the industrial field. Many users do not know about the selection of gas steam boilers. In the face of many boiler manufacturers and boiler types on the market, it is easy to feel confused. Zhengzhou Fangfast Boiler Factory recently received a lot of users to inquire about the price of the boiler is very interested in today's unity for everyone to answer.

There are many factors that determine the price of an 8 ton gas steam boiler, such as the type of boiler, internal structure, operating efficiency, pollutant emissions, service life, and so on. Zhengzhou Fangfast Boiler Factory launched 8 tons of gas steam boiler WNS and SZS two types, operating efficiency in more than 98%, pollutant emissions as low as 18 mg/m3, in the whole boiler market is one of the best, so it has been the majority of users and friends love. At present, the price of such boilers varies between 600,000 and 700,000 yuan.

Zhengzhou fang fast boiler factory technical engineers also suggest that we should pay attention to the boiler internal superheater and reheater, these two accessories have an important role.

Their role is mainly used to discharge the accumulated air and part of the superheated steam and reheated steam when the boiler is started, to ensure that the superheater and reheater have a certain flux to cool the pipe wall. In addition, in the boiler pressure rise or accident state together with the safety door exhaust steam pressure relief, to prevent boiler overpressure. In the starting process, it can also play the role of increasing the exhaust steam volume and slowing down the pressure increase speed. When necessary, it can also play the role of adjusting the steam temperature difference on both sides by exhaust steam. When the boiler water, water can play the role of air door. For the reheater air exhaust steam, when the secondary bypass can not be put into use, the primary bypass can still be used to pass steam to the reheater, through the air exhaust steam door to play a protective role in the reheater.