How much is 1 ton gas steam boiler?

2021 / Jun / Tue

Gas steam boiler is one of the common equipment in the industrial production and processing industry. The boiler uses natural gas as fuel. Whether it is transportation, installation or late use, it is very convenient. Boiler using FGR, full premixed low nitrogen combustion technology, pollutant emissions can be as low as 30 mg/m3, in any area in our country can be used normally.


Many users are more concerned about the price of gas steam boiler. Zhengzhou Fangfast Boiler Factory takes 1 ton gas steam boiler as an example to answer for everyone. At present, the market price of 1 ton gas steam boiler is between 70,000 yuan and 120,000 yuan. How much depends on the configuration of the boiler, but in general, it is within this range of value.

Zhengzhou party fast boiler factory also remind everyone, we should pay attention to the use of boiler sewage expansion container.

In boiler equipment, the function of the sewage expansion vessel is: when the boiler dissolves the sewage into the expansion vessel, the volume increases, the pressure decreases, and the saturation temperature decreases correspondingly. When the pressure is lowered, part of the heat is released, which is absorbed by the water as the heat of vaporization to vaporize part of the waste water. The vaporized steam is introduced into the deaerator, so that the steam and heat can be recovered.

Blowdown expander, also known as blowdown expansion vessel, shall be designed and manufactured according to the pressure vessel GB150-98. Continuous blowdown expander is connected to the boiler continuous sewage outlet, is used for the boiler continuous sewage decompression expansion, the domestic sewage in continuous blowdown expander adiabatic expansion separation of secondary steam and heat water, and the expander Canon of expansion, antihypertensive, heat exchange, and then discharge, secondary steam by special line, The waste hot water is discharged automatically through the floating ball level valve or overflow control valve, and the heat energy can be recovered and reused. The continuous discharge of sewage is automatically adjusted with the change of boiler feed load to maintain a relatively stable discharge rate.