Clear advantages of low nitrogen boilers

2022 / Jan / Mon
Low-nitrogen series boiler products are new power equipment launched on the basis of traditional boilers. By adding low-nitrogen treatment technology, harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides are reduced to below the national emission limit, with excellent characteristics of high efficiency, cleanliness and environmental protection . So, this is also the reason why many companies choose it. So, what are the specific features of this popular low-nitrogen boiler?

1. High degree of automation and easy operation

       Conventional boilers require professional operators to open and close the equipment, while the boilers produced by professional low-nitrogen boiler manufacturers have a high degree of automation. Users do not need to go to the production workshop to open and close the equipment in person, and can also pass The control system controls the operation of the equipment. In actual operation, the user only needs to press the button to complete the opening and closing of the low nitrogen boiler.

2. Strong ability of automatic cleaning and structure optimization

       The domestic professional low-nitrogen boiler heat exchange elements use reliable quality threaded flue pipes and wing pipes, which can not only optimize convective heat transfer and reduce thermal stress, but also increase the flow rate of the flue gas, and have strong self-cleaning and Optimizing the structural capacity, it is not easy to form ash after being flushed by high-speed flue gas, and it can always be kept clean, so this is also one of the specific characteristics of low-nitrogen boilers.

3. Ingenious structural design, energy saving and environmental protection

       The low-nitrogen boiler has the obvious features of ingenious structural design. The boiler body adopts computer-optimized simulation design, which makes its appearance more harmonious and generous; in addition, the low-nitrogen boiler also has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. The centrifugal glass wool insulation layer with low thermal conductivity can reduce the heat dissipation of the boiler and achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

According to the summary of Fangkuai Boiler's low-nitrogen boilers above, we can see that low-nitrogen boilers are generally recognized by enterprises because of their reliable quality and advanced technology, not only because of their easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection. It also has super automatic cleaning and structural optimization capabilities to ensure the normal operation of colleagues, saving a considerable amount of energy consumption costs for the enterprise.