Points to note when operating a 6-ton gas-fired steam boiler

2022 / Jan / Wed
The 6-ton gas-fired steam boiler is a kind of kinetic energy equipment that is indispensable in many industrial production and processing. When users purchase steam boiler equipment suitable for their own enterprises, they must also master the methods to make the boiler operate normally, so as to ensure that the boiler reaches a long service life. 

1. Water supply requirements
       Boiler feed water needs to be softened and meet the requirements of GB/T1576~2008 "Industrial Boiler Water Quality".

2. Water level in the pot
       Always pay attention to changes in the water level in the pot to keep it within ±25 mm of the normal water level and not higher than the highest or lower than the lowest safe water level. The water level in the water level gauge generally shakes slightly. If the water surface is still, there may be a blockage in the water level gauge, and it should be flushed immediately.

3. Water level gauge
       Rinse the water level gauge at least once in each shift, keep the glass of the water level gauge clean, and ensure that the water level is clear and reliable. The elevation deviation between the water level gauge and the normal water level line of the drum is ± 2mm. The highest safe water level, the lowest safe water level and the normal water level shall be accurately marked. The drain pipe under the water level gauge must be connected to a safe place. The connecting pipe should be as short as possible to ensure that the water can flow freely. There should be a valve on the steam and water connecting pipe between the water level gauge and the drum. The valve must be in the fully open position when the boiler is running, and no water leakage should be allowed. Lighting equipment must be installed at the water level gauge for easy observation.

4. Water supply equipment
       ① Check whether all the feedwater pumps are normal. The firemen should inspect them during the handover, and repair them immediately if there are any faults.
       ②The boiler feed water shall be continuously fed as much as possible, and the water pump outlet valve shall be controlled for a long and fine water flow.

5. Steam pressure
       Always pay attention to the change of steam pressure, keep the pressure in the pot as stable as possible, and do not make the pressure exceed the maximum working pressure.

6. Pressure gauge
       The elbow of the pressure gauge should be flushed once every shift to check whether the pressure gauge is normal. If the pressure gauge is found to be damaged, the furnace should be shut down immediately for repair or replacement. In order to ensure the correctness of the pressure gauge, the selected pressure gauge should meet the requirements of relevant technical standards, and its inspection and maintenance should comply with the regulations of the measurement department. The pressure gauge should be calibrated and the next calibration date should be indicated before the pressure gauge is installed. A red line should be drawn on the dial, and the pressure gauge should be sealed after calibration. The accuracy of the pressure gauge should not be less than 2.5.

7. Safety valve
       Pay attention to whether the function of the safety valve is normal. In order to prevent the valve disc and valve seat of the safety valve from sticking, the lifting handle of the safety valve should be pulled regularly, the pressure should be increased once every 2 to 4 weeks, and an exhaust steam test should be performed to verify whether the safety valve can be used normally.

8. Drain valve
       Generally, the feed water will contain a small amount of minerals. After the feed water enters the boiler to vaporize, the minerals stay in the boiler and when it is concentrated to a certain degree, they will precipitate in the boiler; the greater the evaporation and the longer the running time, the more sediment (scale). In order to prevent boiler damage caused by excessive scale and slag, the boiler water quality must be guaranteed to be qualified, and the boiler water should be discharged. General users should be based on specific conditions, such as daily or every shift when the test conditions are not complete. Wait once.