What are the precautions for the combustion of oil and gas hot water boilers?

2021 / Dec / Wed
Not only do you need to conduct a full-scale inspection before starting, but also need to follow some precautions before ignition and combustion to avoid safety problems and run smoothly. So, what are the precautions for the combustion of oil-fired and gas-fired hot water boilers? Fangkuai Boiler Factory will answer for you.

The ignition time of the oil-fired gas hot water boiler is between 2 and 3 hours. After ignition, pay attention to adjusting the combustion to keep the temperature in the furnace rising evenly, so that the pressure-bearing components are heated and expand normally. Observe all parts of the boiler when the flame is raised, and if there is a special noise, check it immediately to eliminate the fault. During the fire-up period, the water temperature at the outlet of the economizer shall not exceed 95°C. If the temperature exceeds the specified temperature, the valve on the pipe from the economizer to the boiler can be opened or the circulation pump can be increased to increase the water flow of the economizer.

The fuel gas hot water boiler needs to adjust the following aspects during the combustion process:
       a) During operation, according to the change of boiler load, timely adjust the amount of coal feed and the amount of blast and induced air to make the fuel fully burned;
       b) The negative pressure at the outlet of the furnace is maintained at 0~40Pa, and positive pressure operation is not allowed;
       c) Keep the fire door, dial the fire door, and the ash cleaning door closed tightly. If any air leakage is found, measures should be taken to eliminate it in time;
       d) Always pay attention to the flue gas temperature and resistance of each part of the boiler.