Gas vacuum hot water boiler vs conventional hot water boiler

2022 / May / Mon
The gas vacuum hot water boiler is the core equipment to ensure that people spend the heating season, and it is also an indispensable part of the entire heating system. The early market researcher of Fangkuai boiler brand found that many users did not know much about boilers when they first purchased hot water boilers, so that it was easy to make wrong choices. The purchased hot water boilers may not be used normally. The operating efficiency may be very low, which can easily bring very serious consequences to the heating period.

gas vacuum hot water boiler system

As a special heating equipment, the gas vacuum hot water boiler has won the love and trust of countless customers after its launch, mainly because the performance of this series of hot water boilers is better than that of conventional hot water boilers.

1. The energy saving of gas vacuum hot water boilers is more prominent

       In conventional hot water boilers, the exhaust gas temperature is usually 220°C or above, which makes the hot water produced during fuel incineration in the superheated state of water vapor in the flue gas, which is lost from the chimney with the flue gas, so that the It will make the thermal efficiency of the boiler very low, and it is easy to cause the fuel to not be completely burned, resulting in a waste of resources. And 220 ℃ is to reduce the exhaust gas temperature to a temperature below 220 ℃, fully recover the sensible heat in the flue gas and the latent heat of condensation of water vapor, the boiler thermal efficiency is very high and very energy-saving.

2. The gas vacuum hot water boiler has a longer service life

       Due to the structural design problems of key parts such as incinerators and heat exchangers in conventional hot water boilers, coupled with domestic water quality, gas quality and other factors, it is easy to cause the boiler's service time to fail to meet the planning requirements; while the gas-fired vacuum hot water boiler can be used for a long time. For more than 20 years, it is precisely because the structural design of the boiler is more reasonable and the manufacturing materials are more resistant to corrosion that the overall quality of the boiler is better.

3. The scale treatment technology of gas vacuum hot water boiler is more advanced

       In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency of conventional hot water boilers, small-sized heat exchangers are usually used. Not only the water pipes are small, but the thickness of the pipes is also compressed to the minimum limit, which leads to a serious problem - excessive scale accumulation. , which is also the reason why many hot water boilers fail. The gas-fired vacuum hot water boiler adopts a new full premixed incineration technology and a large pipeline waterway system, so there is no need to worry about the boiler scale problem.

It can be seen that it is precisely because the gas vacuum hot water boiler has high energy utilization rate and good heating effect that it has been loved and used by users once it was introduced into the market. Of course, everyone has to choose matching products according to their own needs and enjoy better service.