What is the operating cost of an 8-ton oil-gas dual-purpose boiler?

2021 / Jun / Mon
Oil and gas dual-purpose boiler equipment refers to boiler equipment that can use both gas fuel and oil fuel. The boiler has a very wide adaptability to fuel. It can be used normally in most areas of my country, and there is basically no geographical restriction. Therefore, it has also been loved and recognized by many customers. The 8 ton oil and gas dual-purpose boiler is a medium-sized boiler, which can be used in many industries such as food processing, chemical production, construction and building materials. The operating cost of the boiler is a problem that many users care about. Today, Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory is here for everyone. answer.

The 8-ton oil-gas dual-purpose boiler is divided into steam boiler and hot water boiler according to the difference of output medium. There are some slight differences in operating cost between the two. The most important part of the boiler operating cost lies in the fuel input, and the amount of fuel input mainly depends on the operating efficiency of the boiler. The higher the efficiency and the less fuel used, the more energy and money will be saved.
At present, the operating efficiency of the oil and gas dual-use boiler equipment launched by Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory is generally above 98%, which is much higher than that of ordinary boilers on the market. It can be said to be very energy-saving, so the operating cost is also very low. Control it at around 1600 yuan.

Here, Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory would like to remind everyone that the following safety precautions should be paid attention to when the boiler fans are operated in parallel:

There are two or more fans that transport gas to the same pipeline in parallel, which is called parallel operation. The purpose of parallel operation is to increase or decrease the number of fans to adapt to a larger range of boiler flow adjustments, which can ensure the economic operation of each equipment, and prevent the main equipment from shutting down due to an accident of one of the equipment. In addition, it also avoids problems such as huge fan structure, high equipment cost, and difficulty in manufacturing when a single fan is running.

Attention should be paid when fans are running in parallel:

When the fans are running in parallel, if the air volume of any fan is too small and it cannot reach the stable working condition area, it will produce rotation and de-flow; when adjusting the output of each fan, it should be as consistent as possible, not just the baffle opening, current and The speed shall prevail; the thermal deviation on both sides of the boiler should not be too large; to prevent a certain unit from operating under unstable conditions due to excessive output due to different pipeline characteristics and connection methods. When the adjustment range is too large, the number of fans should be increased or decreased in time to avoid unstable areas and improve the economic efficiency of fan operation.