How to choose their own boiler model

2021 / Jun / Tue

Boilers are divided into hot water and steam. So to choose the right stove, you have to figure out the requirements first. If it is heating, hot water boiler is generally chosen; If it is used for production, it is generally the choice of steam boiler.

Selection formula of boiler type:

Boiler type = the actual height of the workshop ÷ national standard height 2.8m × construction area

The choice of boiler type needs to understand the user's building area, the height of a layer of framework, the number of radiators, whether it is geothermal, if it is a small area can be doubled, a large area can take two thirds of it.

The first two letters stand for boiler manufacturer. The number after that is the evaporation rate of the boiler/the number below the line is the working pressure of the boiler, and the last letter is the mode of combustion.

Heating boiler part one, the first two letters of the boiler body form code; The third letter is the burning mode code; The next two digits are evaporation; The first two of the second part are the outlet pressure of the medium/the second is the temperature of superheated steam; The first letter of the third part is the fuel type code followed by the design sequence.
According to different regional temperatures, the area of each type of boiler varies relatively. For example, in Liaoning Province, one ton of boiler can bring up to 6,000 square meters of heating space, while in Heilongjiang Province, one ton of boiler can only bring up to 5,000 square meters. 
But also according to the heating user is what to use, if the need for high temperature or to meet a certain standard requirements, then it is necessary to reduce the rated heating area of the boiler, has reached the user's demand temperature.