1MW Industrial Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler

2021 / Nov / Mon
1MW Industrial coal fired hot water boiler is about between $5,600-$100,000. Coal-fired hot water boilers are often used in a variety of industrial fields in chemical plants, metallurgical plants, and textile factories. The fuel can be coal, cinder, wood, etc.

It is well known that both water and steam are used as heat carriers in process heating systems. But at temperatures above 100°C, water and steam require correspondingly higher operating pressures. In industrial heating, this high temperature level is usually required. In order to achieve the high output required for this process, you must design a very high-pressure steam boiler or water heater, which is very costly and dangerous. Therefore, we recommend that you use our coal-fired hot water boiler.

Advantages of Fangkuai coal-fired hot water boiler:

1. Water level monitoring: equipped with an electronic water level detector to control the water level.

2. Setting time: Users can set the start and stop time according to their needs.

3. Leakage protection: When the boiler element leaks, the control system will automatically cut off the power supply.

4. Water shortage protection: When the boiler is short of water, the system will turn off the burner and issue an alarm.

5. Power supply abnormality protection: When the power supply is abnormal, the boiler will stop working immediately.

6. Overpressure protection: When the pressure of the horizontal CWNS fuel (gas) hot water boiler exceeds the set value, the burner will stop working and give an alarm.

7. Multiple safety protections such as pressure controller, water level alarm, safety valve, low water level alarm, etc.

8. Gas manifold and protection system: Provide filters, regulators, solenoid valves, etc. to ensure gas safety.

9. Flue gas monitoring: It can automatically monitor the temperature of boiler exhaust gas, making it easier to grasp the combustion status of the boiler.