Biodiesel boiler on price

2021 / Oct / Thu
Biodiesel boiler price is between $3,000-$100,000. The main fuels used are diesel, light oil, heavy oil, etc., which can be used in petrochemical, plastic paste, textile, fiber, carbon, paper printing, wood and other fields.

Fangkuai biodiesel boiler adopts high-performance heat transfer element-threaded tube, reasonable gas flow, boiler thermal efficiency is 6-8% higher than the national high professional standard. The boiler tube is made of arched tube sheet and threaded quasi-rigid body shell variable base elastomer and wing-shaped laminations, which completely avoids the defects of traditional high-temperature pyrotechnic tube boiler tube sheet cracking. In addition, the reasonable and unique backwater injection device (hot water boiler) of the water circulation loop increases the water flow speed and avoids the breakage of the water wall tube.

Advantages of Fangkuai biodiesel boiler:

1. In addition to having enough steam outside, the steam boiler also adopts a low-level combustion chamber layout. Equipped with high-efficiency isoporous plate separator to ensure steam quality.

2. The wet back structure greatly improves the operating environment of the high temperature tube sheet. The positive pressure combustion method reduces exhaust heat loss and improves boiler efficiency.

3. Reliable butt welding seam lines are used for boiler press components. The boiler shell is welded by 20g boiler steel plate and front and rear tube plates. The furnace is composed of a straight-wave flat-cone furnace, and the front and rear tube plates are connected.

4. The boiler adopts 25mm thick three-layer aluminum silicate fiber for insulation. The shell is made of stainless steel, which is light in weight, good in heat preservation, sturdy and durable, and stylish in design.

5. The platform is installed on the top of the boiler. The guide rail is located on one side to facilitate the operation and maintenance of manholes and valves.