Italian Gas Boiler Price

2021 / Oct / Fri
The Italian Gas Boiler Price is probably between $15,000-$200,000. The fuel of the gas boiler can use gas fuel and liquid fuel, and the gas fuel can be natural gas, city gas, biogas, etc. The liquid fuel can be heavy oil, light oil, diesel, furnace oil and other fuels.

Fangkuai gas boiler can be used in textile mills, food and beverages, chemicals, medicine, light industry, rubber, printing and dyeing plants, paper mills, wood processing, clothing and laundry and other industries. WNS series oil/gas boiler adopts horizontal three-pass wet-back structure, large-scale corrugated furnace and patented threaded tube technology, equipped with international first-class brand burners and valve groups, independently researched and developed high-matching PLC control system, to achieve multiple linkages. Lock protection function to protect the safe operation of equipment.

The main advantages of Fangkuai gas boiler are as follows.

1. Boiler design

The horizontal internal combustion three-pass full wet back design, 100% corrugated furnace, good heat recovery, water-cooled return air chamber, the return air chamber and the return tube plate butt, the lowest stress, the quality is more reliable.

2. Large-caliber corrugated furnace

The boiler combustion chamber is composed of a large-caliber full-corrugated furnace with large combustion space, complete fuel combustion, effective endothermic thermal expansion, and large radiant heating surface.

3. Enough heat

The heating area of ​​the boiler is designed to be more than 25 square meters/ton, which fully absorbs effective heat, has low exhaust gas temperature, low heat loss, and ensures sufficient output and high efficiency.

4. Steam quality

The shell diameter is large, the water capacity is large, the adaptability to load changes is strong, the output is stable, the steam space volume is large, the net distance between the steam-water interface and the steam outlet is high, and the steam humidity is low.

5. Multifunctional safety explosion-proof device

The back plate of the boiler is equipped with an explosion-proof device connected to the furnace to prevent the instantaneous high energy from being discharged when the fuel is violently vented in the furnace, and it can automatically reset. At the same time, it has the functions of fire-proof mirror and maintenance channel. The adjustment of the combustion flame during operation facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the furnace.

Therefore, if you have boiler requirements, it is better to carefully select the boiler manufacturer. Fangkuai Boiler has A-level boiler manufacturing qualification and first-level boiler installation qualification. It has focused on the research and development of steam boilers, coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers, oil-fired boilers and other boilers for more than 20 years. The boilers of large factories are guaranteed and the price is low. , Such as common biomass boilers, oil-fired boilers and other quotations, the factory sends directly with high quality and low price. The thermal efficiency is high, and the heating area is larger than that of general boiler manufacturers. Some common boiler problems can be avoided, and the cost of gas boilers is reduced, corresponding to the increase in the cost-effectiveness of boilers.