Cheap 6t Biomass Steam Boiler Kyrgyzstan

2021 / Oct / Fri
The price of Kyrgyzstan 6t Biomass Steam Boiler is about $10,000-$100,000. The fuel of Biomass Steam Boiler can use wood, wood chips, logs, sawdust biomass, etc. SZL series boilers, horizontal double-tube walking chain grate, suitable for various fuels, saving costs. Green 89% efficiency boilers are used in industries, such as chemical plants, printing and dyeing industries, rice mills, paper making, leather factories, drying plants, and food Processing, textile industry, laundry rooms, hotels, schools, greenhouse heating, central heating, etc.

Fangkuai 6 ton Biomass Steam Boiler is a boiler designed with new technology. The cylinder is equipped with a threaded pyrotechnic tube to form a convective heating surface. The cylinder and the water walls on both sides form a radiant heating surface in the furnace. Each complete system has been installed and wired before being transported to the site, and is provided with functions such as stepless speed regulation, threshold parameter alarm and interlock protection through electrical control of the coal machine.

Features of Fangkuai Biomass Steam Boiler:

1. Using low-pressure and high-temperature heating medium, it is easy to adjust, evenly heated, and meets the precise process temperature.

2. Liquid circulation heat, no condensation heat loss and discharge, and the heating system has high thermal efficiency.

3. Technical measures to strictly control low volatile content such as air and water before circulating the heat medium

3. The boiler has a fully wet back three-inverse chamber design, and the thermal efficiency can be as high as 98% or more.

4. The boiler is equipped with high safety pressure and water level alarm equipment, and advanced automatic PLC control.

Efficiency and quality are not limited to our boilers. Fangkuai's full integration produces the most efficient boiler solution in the world. Completely designed, engineered, manufactured, integrated and serviced by our team, our system does not have a single outsourced component to compromise compatibility or performance. If you are looking for the best quality boiler system with the lowest emissions and highest efficiency, then you are looking for Fangkuai.