How much is a 700kw hot water boiler?

2021 / Sep / Fri
The hot water boiler in the boiler, for all of us, must have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, because it is not only a website product, but also can be used in many industries and fields, so, Based on this, next, I will have a good understanding of the hot water boiler, so that the products of this website can be used correctly and rationally.

The company is a first-level installation company and A-level manufacturing unit in the boiler industry, which is a rare double-level standard in China. And has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.
Boiler steam and water co-leakage accident 1. Steam boiler steam and water co-leakage phenomenon (1) The water level in the water level meter fluctuates sharply, and the water level line is blurred. (2) The alkalinity and salt content of the pot water seriously exceed the standard. (3) The steam contains a lot of water, the quality of the steam drops, and the steam temperature at the outlet of the superheater drops. (4) Water hammer occurs in the steam pipeline, and water leakage occurs at the flange connection. 2. Treatment of boiler steam and water co-leafing (1) Weaken the combustion, close the main steam valve, reduce boiler evaporation, reduce load and maintain stability. (2) Fully open the surface drain valve (continuous drain valve) of the upper drum, and properly drain the lower part of the drum. At the same time, increase the water supply to reduce the alkalinity and salt content of the pot water. At this time, attention should be paid to the control of the protection water level. (3) Dosing should be stopped for boilers that use in-boiler dosing treatment. (4) Turn on the traps on the superheater, steam pipes and sub-cylinders. (5) Maintain the boiler water level slightly lower than the normal water level. (6) Inform the water treatment personnel to take measures to ensure the supply of qualified softened water. Increase the number of boiler water sampling and testing until the boiler water is qualified before it can be transferred to normal operation. (7) It is strictly forbidden to increase the boiler load before the boiler water quality is improved. After the accident is eliminated, the water level gauge should be flushed in time.
I believe you will not be unfamiliar with this kind of hot water boiler, because there are related articles on the website, and at the same time, it has been introducing and explaining. Therefore, based on this, I will continue this topic in the future. Let everyone have learning content, and then, to deepen their familiarity and understanding of this kind of boiler. 1.1 ton hot water boiler, how many KW is it? In addition, what is meant by 5 tons of gas-fired hot water boilers of 5 tons? What is its price? 1 ton hot water boiler, if according to the conversion formula of 1 ton ≈ 600,000 kcal ≈ 0.7MW=700KW, then it is 700KW. A 5-ton gas-fired hot water boiler, of which 5 tons, refers to the thermal power of the boiler, which is equivalent to 3.5MW. The price of this kind of hot water boiler has many related factors. For example, the price of different manufacturers is different. Therefore, the second question is not easy to answer.