1 ton gas boiler operating cost

2021 / Sep / Fri
Gas boilers are classified according to the type of fuel used by the boiler. Their fuels include natural gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas and biogas. But the most used fuel is natural gas, so gas boilers usually refer to natural gas boiler products.

  Before purchasing a boiler, users must not only consider the quality and price of the boiler, but also consider the thermal efficiency and operating cost of the boiler. Boiler is a kind of large-scale industrial equipment, and its later operating cost is not low. The boiler has high thermal efficiency, which can effectively reduce the operating cost of the boiler!
  So today we will calculate the operating cost of its gas boiler.
  The operating cost of a 1 ton gas boiler.
  1 ton gas boiler refers to a hot water boiler with a rated evaporation capacity of 1 ton (produces 1 ton of steam per hour) or a thermal power of 0.7MW.
   can be divided into 1 ton gas steam boiler, 1 ton gas hot water boiler and 1 ton gas boiling water boiler.
  This is classified according to the product use of the boiler, for example, it can be divided into 1 ton horizontal gas boiler and 1 ton vertical gas boiler according to the size.
  1 ton gas boiler, whether it is a steam boiler or a hot water boiler, consumes about 75 cubic meters of natural gas per hour. According to the price of 3 yuan per cubic meter of natural gas (the price will vary in different regions), natural gas needs to consume 225 yuan per hour.
  The electric power of a 1 ton gas boiler is 3.3KW, which means that the electricity cost is calculated at 1 yuan, and the electricity cost is 3.3 yuan per hour.
  One ton of steam produced by a one ton gas boiler per hour will consume approximately 1.1 tons of water. If one ton of water is calculated at 3 yuan, 3.3 yuan of water will be consumed per hour.
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