The price of 4 tons of biomass boiler for swimming pool

2021 / Sep / Fri
The price of the 4-ton biomass boiler used in the swimming pool is between $15,000-$48,000. The fuel can be biomass, wood chips, sawdust, rice husk, palm husk, cashew nuts, coconut husk, etc.

Fangkuai biomass boiler can be used in food and beverage, textile, plywood, rice mill, chemical industry, paper mill, rubber factory and other industries. DZL series coal/biomass steam boiler adopts special dust collector solution (bag type Dust collector, double tower desulfurization, etc.), to achieve almost zero pollution. This series of boilers is a single-drum horizontal shell boiler, and the combustion equipment is a chain grate (small flaker can be provided), which has the advantages of mechanical feeding and strong adaptability to different fuels. The fuel can be type Ⅱ bituminous coal with a diameter of 6-25mm and an ash content of less than 32.4%.

The fuel of the Fangkuai biomass boiler falls from the coal hopper to the front of the grate. With the operation of the grate, the coal undergoes preheating, dry distillation, ignition and embers. The slag falls into the slag hopper and is discharged from the furnace at any time by the slag remover. The smoke is arched front and rear. The throat between the throats can form a vortex to fully mix with the air, heat the front arch, improve fire conditions, enter the double-wing convection tube bundle through the smoke window on the upper part of the arch, enter the threaded smoke pipe, pass the front smoke box, and pass through the economizer and dust collector . The induced draft fan is led to the chimney and discharged.

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