Steam boiler used in alcohol plant

2021 / Sep / Thu
The temperature and purity of steam produced by different types of steam boilers are different, and the operating costs are also different. In the past, because the production technology was not very advanced, wine-making enterprises used coal-fired steam boilers for production. However, with the development of technology, there are many types of steam boilers that can be used now. You can pursue higher cost performance according to actual needs. Steam boiler.


1. Fuel gas steam boiler
       Oil-fired gas-fired steam boiler is a type of boiler that uses oil, gas, etc. as fuel. With the implementation of the West-East Gas Pipeline, the price of natural gas has dropped to a certain extent, and the operating efficiency of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers is very high. The operating efficiency of such boilers launched by Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory can reach as high as 107%. At present, there are more companies using oil-fired and gas-fired steam boilers for winemaking.

2. Biomass steam boiler
       Biomass steam boiler uses biomass pellets made from agricultural and forestry waste as fuel. Biomass particles have a wide range of sources and are relatively easy to obtain. Since the wine tank produced in the winemaking process can also be used as fuel, biomass steam boilers are also one of the choices for many wineries to purchase boilers.

3. Electric heating steam boiler
       Electric heating steam boiler is a kind of boiler equipment that converts electric energy into heat energy. There is no combustion phenomenon during the capacity conversion process. Therefore, the operation process is pollution-free and noise-free, and has been loved by many wineries.

The above-mentioned types of boilers are the types of steam boilers that brewing companies choose to use. Of course, as to which one to choose, you should make a reasonable choice based on your actual needs and your own situation. It will be more efficient to directly consult a professional boiler manufacturer.