Benefits of choosing condensing gas hot water boilers

2019 / Jun / Mon

As a new boiler, the "condensing gas hot water boilers" have gradually entered the public's field of vision and has been used in recent years. However, many users still do not know much about the condensing boiler. How to choose the condensing gas hot water boiler as the enterprise power source? Hesitate. In fact, it uses a new technology, that is, condensation technology to greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Next, Fangkuai will introduce you to the advantages of condensing hot water boilers. If you choose it, you can bring obvious benefits to users.

1, using module division, easy to operate Simply put, a large-capacity boiler is divided into many small-capacity boilers according to the rules. This is the module boiler. Therefore, it can be said that the module boiler can achieve the scale of any single boiler through the "simple parallel combination" in quantity, and can reduce the maintenance cost. A part of the boiler room system (including soft water preparation system, automatic control system, gas system, etc.) is almost Intelligent, no need to guard, can effectively reduce management and staff labor costs.

2, low load, high efficiency

The smaller the output load of the condensing boiler, the higher the operating efficiency; the lower the contrary. Therefore, the condensing boiler can operate at high efficiency under low load, and the average annual efficiency is high, which not only saves energy consumption, but also reduces the cost of later operation.

3. Full premixed combustion system

The combustion efficiency depends on the mixing ratio of gas and air and the quality of the burner. The condensing boiler adopts the variable frequency fan technology to flexibly adjust the air volume according to the load demand. At the same time, the condensing boiler adjusts the gas volume through precise proportional adjustment technology. Good mixing ratio to ensure complete combustion. The unique water-cooled burner quickly reduces the flame temperature and improves combustion efficiency while ensuring low emissions of harmful substances.

From the advantages of the above three aspects of the condensing hot water boilers, the factory direct condensing hot water boiler can make the boiler provide more heat on the same fuel, and it also has many advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and safety.