2 tons of gas steam boiler installation precautions

2019 / Jun / Mon

After users purchase gas boilers, they also face difficulties in transportation and installation. How to ensure proper installation of boilers and normal use of boilers is the focus of many users. With many years of boiler installation experience, Fangkuai Boiler will summarize the following precautions for everyone, hoping to help more users understand the correct operation method when installing gas boilers. (take 2 tons of gas steam boiler installation precautions as an example)

1. In order to ensure the safety of use, the majority of users must choose a professional installation company with gas boiler installation qualification for installation.

2. The gas boiler shall not be installed in the bedroom or in the room directly connected to the bedroom, and shall not be installed in the basement where the air is not smooth.

3. The gas boiler power supply uses 220V/HZ AC, and a reliable grounding wire must be connected to ensure safe use.

4. The link between the gas pipeline and the gas burner must be made of gas-specific pipe. If the link is not used, the raw material belt must be used.

5. After the gas pipeline is installed, open the gas valve and check the connection part for leaks with soap liquid. If there is a leak, close the valve to repair or replace the seal, and then check the gas boiler until there is no leakage.

6, the boiler installation must be flat or reasonable design, try to be short, less, thicker, that is, try to shorten the pipeline, reduce the bend, the pipe diameter should be thick. In addition, the return water main pipe diameter should be the same as the gas boiler outlet water return pipe diameter.

7. The slope of the main pipeline on the natural circulation and the slope of the return pipeline are 3-5%. No waves should be formed to prevent the gas blockage in the pipeline. The exhaust pipe in the pipeline system should be placed at the height of the system, and the valve should not be installed. .

8. Install the sewage valve at the lower part of the system. The bottom of the water supply tank should be higher than the water supply pipe. The air outlet should not be replaced by an automatic exhaust valve. The valve should not be installed and should not be blocked.

9. The gas boiler system has long pipelines, many curved roads, no slope, and the heating effect is not good. The circulating pump should be installed. The water pump should be installed on the water supply pipeline, and the pump size should be selected according to the heating area.

10. When installing the pipe, it must be extended outside, and the slope should be inclined downward by 5° to prevent the flow of the condensate channel, causing corrosion of the furnace body, and no combustible material can be placed around the pipe.

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