What types of industrial boilers are there?

2022 / Feb / Mon
According to the heating structure, the industrial boilers in my country at this stage can be basically divided into the following three categories: water tube type, water fire tube type, and fire tube type. Details are as follows.

1. Water tube boiler

       There are basically two types of water-tube boilers: longitudinal arrangement of the drum and transverse arrangement of the drum. The so-called longitudinal arrangement means that the axis of the drum along the length direction is parallel to the line of sight of a person standing in front of the furnace looking at the drum. The so-called horizontal arrangement is that the axis of the drum along the length direction is in a vertical position with the line of sight of people looking at the drum from the front of the furnace; a typical double-drum vertical chain furnace, (SZL type), this type of furnace is also called "D" type. The characteristics of the furnace type furnace are that the height of the combustion chamber is close to the overall height of the boiler shape, which can make full use of and exert the characteristics of the higher combustion chamber which is conducive to combustion.

       Typical double drum horizontal chain furnace (SHL). This kind of boiler is suitable for a larger capacity of 10 tons/hour or more. The flue gas flow is relatively uniform along the width of the furnace.

2. Water and fire tube boiler

       The water-fired tube furnace is mainly formed by adding a water-cooled wall on the basis of the horizontal external combustion tempering tube furnace.

3. Fire tube boiler

       Shell boilers are better than all types of boilers in the so-called fire tube category in the past, such as: vertical horizontal fire tube, horizontal water tube, vertical bay water tube, horizontal fire tube, horizontal external combustion tempering tube type, horizontal internal combustion fire tube boiler Wait.