4 ton gas boiler for paper mill

2022 / Jan / Fri
Gas boilers have a wide range of uses. Industrial production such as medical equipment disinfection, drug production, food processing, and packaging production are inseparable from it. The paper industry is also a large user of industrial gas boilers. Most of the boiler models used are 4 tons or more. 4 tons or more. Today we will talk about the type of 4-ton gas-fired boiler dedicated to paper mills.

1. Model of 4 ton gas boiler
       Combined with the cooperation experience of our Fangkuai boiler and 100+ paper mills, the gas-fired steam boiler model WNS4-1.25-Q is more suitable for the needs of paper mills.

       The boiler is composed of condensing gas boiler body + economizer + condenser + boiler auxiliary equipment; auxiliary equipment mainly includes: control cabinet, burner, make-up water pump, condensing circulating water pump, economizer, sub-cylinder, chimney, etc.

       Advantages: The 4-ton gas boiler has sufficient output, high thermal efficiency, and low operating costs. In the process of papermaking, it can save users a lot of operating costs and increase profitability.

       The coverage rate of the paper industry is very wide. When users choose a steam boiler, they need to combine the local environmental protection policy and the actual operating cost analysis to choose the appropriate boiler selection.

According to different energy-saving effects, 4-ton gas boilers can be divided into two types: horizontal three-pass gas boilers and condensing integrated gas boilers;
       According to the different environmental protection effects, it can be divided into three types: gas-fired boilers with nitrogen oxide emission standards of 150-200 mg, gas-fired boilers with 80 mg, and gas-fired boilers with 30 mg.

       Among them, the price of general gas boilers is low, followed by 80mg, and higher than 30mg.

Therefore, in order to ensure the reasonable selection of boilers, users in the paper industry need to pay attention to:

       1. The choice of fuel must meet environmental protection requirements;

       2. Flue gas emissions meet local environmental protection policies;

       3. Select boilers with good energy-saving effect to ensure profitability;

If you have purchase requirements or other doubts about the special gas boiler for paper mills, please call Fangkuai Boiler directly to discuss cooperation!