What are the energy-saving measures for steam boilers?

2021 / Sep / Fri
Nowadays, the boiler industry is developing rapidly, and more and more companies regard boiler energy saving and environmental protection as important indicators of boiler operation. So where can the steam boiler save energy in use?

1. Recycling of condensate

The recycling of condensed water produces steam again, and most of the condensed water generated after the steam passes through the production heat equipment will be directly discharged as waste water, and the condensed water will not be recycled. If recycled, it can not only save energy, water and electricity, but also reduce the consumption of oil and natural gas.

2. Modification of the boiler control system

Industrial boilers can appropriately adjust the auxiliary fan and induced draft fan of the boiler, and use frequency conversion technology to change the power supply frequency to achieve the purpose of adjusting the air volume and reducing energy costs, because the operating parameters of the auxiliary fan and induced draft fan are directly related to the thermal efficiency and energy consumption of the boiler. It is also possible to add an economizer to the boiler flue to reduce the exhaust gas temperature, which can greatly improve the thermal efficiency and save the power consumption of the fan.

3. Effective implementation of boiler insulation system

Many gas boilers only use simple heat insulation measures, and some even have steam pipes and heat-consuming equipment outside, which will dissipate a large amount of heat energy in the legendary process. If the gas boiler body, steam pipes and heating equipment are effectively insulated, heat insulation and energy saving can be improved.

4. Daily maintenance of the boiler

The maintenance of the steam boiler is to prevent unnecessary accidents, not only to reduce the input cost, but also to improve the operating efficiency and service life of the boiler, to ensure the economic operation of the boiler, and to create more benefits for enterprise users. What are the daily maintenance of steam boilers? Let us understand together.

Generally, the routine maintenance of steam boilers requires operators to frequently check and record boilers and auxiliary equipment during normal work, mainly for combustion equipment, water level gauges, valves, fans and other equipment, and accurately record the status of the equipment for future inquiries.

On the basis of routine maintenance, steam boiler maintenance personnel also need to perform regular maintenance on the boiler, check the inner wall pipe of the boiler, confirm the status of auxiliary equipment, and update some parts if necessary. When the boiler is shut down, the fireman shall maintain it in accordance with the maintenance system.

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