What is the quotation for a 10 ton gas steam boiler

2021 / May / Thu

10 tons of gas steam boiler price - mainly depends on the choice of auxiliary boiler; The auxiliary equipment of 10 tons gas steam boiler is equipped with: burner, valve instrument, auxiliary water pump, control cabinet, chimney, flue, cylinder, energy saving condenser, softening water equipment.

Rated evaporation t/h: 10 rated steam pressure: 1.25 feed water temperature ℃ : 20 rated steam temperature: 194 boiler efficiency % : 95 applicable fuels: light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, city gas, etc

Fangkuai boiler - integrated, independent condensing boiler, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, central backburning, three cycles

One is to increase the heating area of the boiler;

Second, absorb the latent heat of vaporization in the flue gas boiler flue gas in the heat transfer to the boiler feed water at the same time the smoke temperature drops, the steam in the flue gas release heat into condensed water. The released heat becomes latent heat, and is absorbed by the boiler feed water. The boiler feed water temperature increases, and the corresponding gas consumption is reduced. According to statistics, the boiler feed water increases by 7℃, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 1%

Third. The water vapor in the environmental protection flue gas turns into condensed water by cooling, which will absorb some particulate matter and SO2 in the flue gas and discharge it with the condensed water. It not only reduces the exhaust temperature, but also reduces the content of particulate matter and SO2 in the exhaust gas.