4 tons of gas steam boiler in the market price situation

2021 / Jun / Mon
Such as chemical production, food processing, medical disinfection and other aspects need steam boiler conveying high temperature steam, so 4 tons of gas steam boiler is very widely used in the industrial field. At present, there are more boiler manufacturers producing 4 tons gas steam boiler in the market, and the quality of the equipment is mixed. When users and friends buy boilers, they will inevitably feel confused. Zhengzhou Fangfast Boiler Factory will tell you the boiler price and selection skills within the normal range.

There are many factors that determine the price of steam boilers, mainly operating efficiency, pollutant emissions, occupation area, internal structure, service life and so on. The higher the configuration of the boiler, the more expensive the price will be, but the greater the benefits will be, it can be said that it has a very high cost performance. At present, the price of 4 tons of gas steam boiler in the market is between 350,000 and 400,000.

Zhengzhou Fang Kuai Boiler Factory here to remind you that the boiler should be equipped with appropriate safety valve facilities, to ensure the safety of operation.

The pulse type safety valve is composed of a main safety valve, a pulse valve and a connecting pipe.

The main safety valve is controlled by a small pulse valve. Under normal conditions, the main valve is tightly closed by high pressure steam pressure. When the vapor pressure exceeds the specified value. The small pulse valve is opened first, and the steam is introduced into the piston of the main valve through the steam guide pipe. The pressure of the steam on the piston can overcome the pressure of the spring, so the main valve is opened to exhaust steam and relieve pressure. When the pressure drops to a certain value, the small pulse valve closes. The steam flow on the piston is cut off, so the main safety valve closes again. And the excess steam on the piston can act as a cushion, so that the main valve slowly closed, so as not to damage the disc and valve seat due to impact.