What is the quotation of 5 tons heating steam boiler

2021 / Jun / Fri

Heating boilers include electric heating boilers, oil-fired heating boilers and gas-fired heating boilers, etc., heating boilers are also known as heating boilers and heating boilers, etc., which refers to a variety of boilers that can meet the heating requirements of people in winter. Heating boiler belongs to the category of civil boiler. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, building heating after 2000 is based on hot water as the heat medium, and steam boiler is not allowed to be used. Therefore, the heating boiler we say generally refers to the atmospheric hot water boiler.

Computer heating boiler controller, all the functions are magically stored in an intelligent chip, boiler one key boot, automatic timing, users can set the start and stop time, after the completion of the setting, do not need to be on duty, save trouble, save effort.

Equipped with imported brand burner, high degree of automation, according to the controller instruction automatic purge, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion, air oil (gas) automatic proportion adjustment, safe and stable performance, good combustion effect. And a flameout protection device to ensure safe operation.

The flame retardant spoiler is inserted into the fire tube, which can slow down the smoke exhaust speed and strengthen the heat exchange. The temperature of the smoke discharged from the smoke chamber is low, so as to reduce the heat loss and save fuel.

Large font display water temperature, convenient to master the operation of the boiler and the system, water temperature from 10℃ to 90℃ can be set at will, the boiler automatic heating system.