Which fuel is better for the boiler

2021 / May / Tue

The fuel used by boilers is mainly divided into gas fired boilers, oil boilers, electric boilers, biomass boilers, coal boilers, etc., but from the point of view of the cost of use, coal boilers < Biomass boiler lt; The electric boiler & lt; Natural gas boiler lt; Oil boiler.

First of all, coal-fired boilers are the cheapest, but coal boilers pollute the environment, and most urban areas in China have begun to eliminate coal boilers, so the use of coal boilers is not recommended. The cost of biomass boiler is slightly higher than that of coal boiler, but it is much cheaper than electricity, gas and oil. Biomass boiler is not only environmental protection, and it is based on the natural agricultural waste, forestry waste, the price will not change how much, is a more ideal, reliable energy fuel. Fangfast biomass boiler is not only low cost, but also environmental protection.

Secondly, although the cost of electric boiler is not too high and environmental protection, but the power consumption is large. If it is an electric boiler of less than 1 ton, you can still try it. The price of gas-fired boilers is not high, and environmental protection, but the price of natural gas is slowly rising. When gas was first installed, it cost a little more than two yuan per cubic meter. Now it is more than four yuan, and it will rise. Oil boiler (heavy oil, diesel) is generally below 1 ton, diesel boiler is used a lot, the figure is convenient and fast. Bigger boilers, such as 4-ton, 6-ton, 8-ton oil stoves, use more heavy oil, after all, heavy oil is cheap. This must also be a good efficiency, high profit enterprises.

Boiler fuel is mainly divided into the above kinds, as for how to choose, you can contact us, we guarantee to give you the best solution, is your satisfaction.