What is the price and operation cost of 2 tons gas fired boiler

2021 / May / Sat

2 tons of coal-fired steam boiler, the calorific value of coal is 5000Kcal/kg, the unit price is 800 yuan/ton, and the industrial power consumption is 1 yuan/kWh. When running at full load: coal consumption = boiler calorific value ÷(coal calorific value × boiler thermal efficiency) 1.2 million Kcal÷(5000Kcal×0.81)=296kg/h(3 + 7.5 + 7.5 + 1.1 + 1.1) * 0.65 = 13.1 KW/h

Note: The above is the boiler operating power at full load. According to experience, the actual power is 0.65 times of full load, including blower power 3KW, induced draft fan power 7.5KW, water pump power 7.5KW, coal loader power 1.1KW and slag removal machine power 1.1KW

The operating cost of the boiler is 296*0.8+13.1*1=249.9 yuan /h without considering the maintenance cost and the wages of the furnace workers

2 tons gas steam boiler, the calorific value of natural gas is 8500 kcal per cubic meter, the unit price is 3.2 yuan /m³, and the industrial power consumption is 1 yuan/kWh. When running at full load:Gas consumption = boiler calorific value ÷(calorific value of coal × thermal efficiency of boiler)= 1.2 million Kcal÷(8500Kcal×0.94)=150.2m³/h Power consumption is (3+3+7.5) *0.65= 8.8kW /h

Among them: burner power 3KW, electric control cabinet power 3KW, pump power 7.5KW In the condition of not taking into account the maintenance cost, stoker wages and other conditions boiler operation cost is 150.2*3.2+8.8*1=489.4 yuan /h above the accounting does not take into account the coal consumption of "smoulder" in the operation of coal-fired boilers, there is a slight gap between the actual operation data and the theory.

Generally speaking, the operating cost of gas-fired boilers is between 1.5 times and 2 times of the operating cost of coal-fired boilers

The heat exchange mode of air and flue gas convection is adopted to further absorb the latent heat of flue gas, and the heated air of the air preheater is sent into the burner through the connected pipe, so as to provide warm air for combustion and improve combustion efficiency.The fan which can be controlled by frequency conversion has more degrees of freedom, and the combustion regulation is more fine. Under a variety of different working conditions, the boiler can run smoothly.