High quality Fangkuai boiler from china

2019 / Sep / Fri
What kind of boiler is a good boiler?

Everyone wants to purchase high-efficiency, low-emission, high-intelligence, low-cost boiler equipment when purchasing boilers. This also requires users to have a certain understanding of boilers and auxiliary equipment before purchasing boilers. The boiler is good, so you can buy the boiler equipment with excellent quality.

So far, FANGKUAI Boiler suppliers have achieved four breakthroughs.

1. The boiler thermal efficiency has exceeded 98%.

FANGKUAI Boiler combines the latent heat of flue gas and sensible heat through various technologies such as new wing heat exchange and waste heat condensation recovery independently developed, and the boiler thermal efficiency is directly increased to 98%.

2. The boiler discharge is less than 18mg/Nm³

With the help of full premixing, FGR and other combustion technologies, and with the boiler's good operation mode, FANGKUAI Boiler can achieve nitrogen oxide emissions of less than 18mg/Nm3, which can be used as usual in the most demanding US Southern California.

3. The boiler is highly intelligent

With a highly intelligent DCS control cabinet and a self-developed PLC intelligent control system, the FANGKUAI boiler realizes one-button start-stop and parameter adjustment of the boiler; only one furnace personnel can regularly inspect and maintain the boiler, and also for the enterprise. Save a labor cost.

4. The overall size of the boiler is reduced by 20-40%

The product launched by FANGKUAI Boiler, with the self-developed wing-shaped heat exchange tube, reduces the overall volume of the boiler by 20-40%. The requirements for the boiler room are very low. It is suitable for underground, semi-underground or above-ground boiler rooms, and can also be used for users. Save on the capital cost of a boiler room.