Price 4t Coal Hot Water Boiler

2021 / Nov / Thu
The price of 4 Ton coal-fired hot water boiler boiler is about $3,800-$288,800. Generally,hot water boilers are mainly used in industrial fields. For example: paper mills, textile mills, chemical plants, printing plants, etc.

The fuel of the hot water boiler can use a variety of fuels such as coal, cinder, wood chips, and biomass. Fangkuai SZL new coal-fired hot water boiler is a single-drum vertical fire-tube shell boiler. It is a horizontal two-cylinder vertical, chain grille, and hot water boiler designed by our company’s technicians based on advanced technology and experience at home and abroad. Grate burning equipment for activities. The radiation heating surface of the water wall on the left and right sides of the furnace, the flue and the two wings of the flue pipe are the convective heating surfaces of the threaded drum. The furnace wall and water wall on the front and back of the outer wall are made of brick masonry.

The technology, performance and environmental protection indicators of Fangkuai SZL series products have reached the international level. Advanced level, this product is the mainstay of the boiler industry. It absorbs the advantages of quick-installed boilers, and has the characteristics of compact structure, one-story boiler workshop, convenient on-site installation, short construction period, low cost, and simple operation. The boiler is suitable for industrial and domestic steam consumption; the hot water boilers of corresponding capacity is suitable for industrial and civil heating purposes.

The boiler adopts quick installation or assembly structure. The 2-4t/h boiler is a quick-assembled tube structure and will be delivered after assembly; the 6-25t/h boiler is composed of two main components: the upper assembly part is the heated part of the body, and the lower assembly part is the combustion equipment. The front part of the boiler body is a water-cooled wall, the upper part is connected with the drum, and the lower part is connected with the water collecting box to form a combustion chamber to absorb the radiant heat of the furnace; the rear part is provided with a dense convection tube bundle between the upper and lower boiler cylinders; High-temperature smoke must be back-swept twice, transversely to the heated part. On the surface, a separately arranged coal economizer should be introduced into the dust collector and finally discharged from the chimney. The 20t/h assembled water tube boiler is composed of a front furnace, a rear furnace, a convection tube bundle, a coal economizer, and a chain grate, etc., which are assembled into large parts for delivery.

The coal fired boiler adopts arched tube sheet and threaded tube technology to solve the problems of shell boiler tube sheet cracks, lower boiler bulge, low thermal efficiency, poor adaptability, and poor coal quality.