2t/h chain grate steam boiler price

2021 / Oct / Wed
The price of 2t/h chain grate steam boiler is about $10,000-$50,000. The chain grate steam boiler is mainly coal, which can be divided into lignite, type II bituminous coal, lean coal and so on. Chain grate is mainly used in bathing, hotel, central heating company, chemical industry and many other fields of AVIC.

Fangkuai chain grate steam boiler adopts double-tube natural circulating water pipe type, and water wall pipes are arranged around the furnace to absorb radiant heat, forming a membrane wall water-cooled furnace. The front and rear chambers of the membrane-type water wall tube respectively extend to the lower part of the furnace wall in the furnace, forming an arch above the grate, which increases the sealing performance of the heating surface of the boiler and the furnace, and at the same time strengthens the strength behind the arch. After the refractory is poured, the front and back arch toward the fire, reducing heat absorption, forming a high temperature zone, and burning the fuel.

Advantages of Fangkuai chain grate steam boiler:

1. The riser pipes on both sides of the steam main pipe have a part of the upper furnace, and then the lower side of the boiler drum. Together with the masonry heat preservation and heating surface there, all these form the heating surface on the top of the boiler. By adopting this novel furnace structure, we have solved the "bulging" deficiency caused by directly heating the lower side of the drum.

2. With double-wing air passages, gas can easily enter the front gas tank, and the temperature of different front plates is the same. In this way, cracks in the sheet can be avoided.

3. The spiral tube is installed in the drum to enhance the heat transfer efficiency. At the same time, the spiral tube has the ability to remove dust, which can avoid the layering of dust in the tube.

4. There is an independent adjustable air chamber. The wind is fed from both sides. The use of a new type of crank screw air regulation structure makes the ratio of air regulation and ventilation section reach 100%, which not only ensures the convenience of air regulation, but also ensures the symmetry of the wind direction.

5. The side seal of the grate is advanced and reasonable, which can avoid the lack of side seal jamming of the grate and the lack of side seal burnout. Boilers below 4t/h adopt side seal cooling and angle iron reinforcement plates, and DZL series crane grate biomass boilers above 6t/h adopt full-contact side seal and bottom seal structure.