High Pressure 20t Boiler Price

2021 / Oct / Fri
The price of a 20t high-pressure boiler is about $10,000-100,000. The fuel for the high-pressure boiler can be natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, light oil, diesel, heavy oil and other fuels. High-pressure boilers are mainly used in various industries such as chemical industry, grease, petrochemical, plastic paste, textile, fiber, carbon, atomic energy industry, papermaking and printing.

The 20t high-pressure boiler uses heat transfer oil as the medium, and uses a hot oil circulation pump to force the medium to circulate in liquid. Then the heat energy is transferred to the equipment and returned to the furnace to reheat, so that the boiler can obtain a higher working temperature under low pressure and make better use of heat. It is a high-efficiency, low-consumption and safe boiler. This series of boilers has an advanced program control system, equipped with a liquid level controller, a pressure controller, a temperature controller and an alarm to ensure the orderly and safe operation of the boiler. Therefore, it is a high-efficiency, low-consumption and safe boiler.

Advantages of 20t high pressure boiler:

1 The air distribution is reasonable and the adjustment is flexible, which can be adjusted according to the combustion situation.

2 Thicker grate, higher strength, longer grate life and long maintenance cycle.

3 Adopting the unique theoretical design of coal-fired furnace structure, so that the boiler has a faster combustion speed and efficient clean combustion effect, without black smoke emission.

4 Adapt to a variety of combustible bituminous coals such as one, two, three, lean coal.

5 Fully welded tube sheet, no leakage and no slack.

6 Large-caliber water wall, good water circulation, low water requirements.

7 Lightweight furnace wall, light weight, beautiful appearance.

8 Mechanized operation, low labor intensity, saving labor and effort.

9 Expansion structure, enough contribution.

10 Rich in fuel, good smoke and dust reduction effect, high thermal efficiency.