Factory Price 8 Ton Boiler

2021 / Oct / Tue
Factory Price 8 Ton Boiler is between $5000-$100,000. The fuel of the boiler can use a variety of fuels such as gas, oil, biomass, etc., and can be used in various fields such as metallurgical plants, breeding farms, and hotels.

Fangkuai WNS series gas boilers are high-quality, brand-name products. The capacity ranges from 1 ton to 20 tons, and the pressure ranges from 0.7mpa to 1.6mpa. WNS series fully automatic gas boilers are horizontal, three-pass, wet-back shell boilers. The main structure includes: boiler shell, bellows furnace, burn-back chamber, threaded gas pipe, etc. The shell and hearth are made of 20g boiler special steel. The furnace and the tempering chamber, the tube sheet and the boiler shell are connected with the tempering chamber and the cylinder of the tempering chamber by flange connection.

Advantages of Fangkuai WNS series gas boiler:

1. The roller is arranged compactly from top to bottom, and the heating is even.

2. The water pipe circulation structure increases the heating area, improves the water circulation effect, and effectively improves the thermal efficiency.

3. Shanggear Factory can shorten the installation cycle and reduce the installation cost.

4. The fuselage adopts a vertical structure with double rear rollers, with a full layout of the heating surface, and high thermal efficiency.

5. Mechanized combustion, environmental protection and energy saving.

6. High level of auxiliary equipment and control.

7. The main body and the base are made of two-piece factory, the installation period is short, and the installation cost is low.

8. The evaporation capacity is 4000-25000kg/h, the design pressure is 1.25-2.45Mpa, and the thermal power is 2.8-14MW.

We are the most advanced manufacturer of industrial boilers, and when you visit our manufacturing workshop, the difference is immediately obvious. Everything is very clean. Everything is simplified. Ten years of experience enables us to provide you with first-class service.