1 ton hot water boiler for heating industry

2021 / Sep / Wed
The price of a 1-ton hot water boiler used in the heating industry is about $5000-$100000. The fuel of the hot water boiler can use a variety of fuels such as gas, light oil, coal, etc., which are mainly used in industries, schools, hotels, bathing centers and other fields.

The Fangkuai hot water boiler adopts a wide-width, large-volume, fully corrugated and elongated furnace tank, a wet-back track type regenerator, and the full-threaded smoke pipes are symmetrically and evenly arranged on both sides of the furnace tank. The low-nitrogen split burner provides fuel combustion, and the flame is turbulent combustion in the furnace (one return). The generated high-temperature flue gas flows back through the combustion chamber, enters the threaded flue gas tube bundle (second loop) for efficient heat exchange, and then enters the built-in air preheater (three loops) flue gas box through the front end. The flue gas flows back through the counterflow heat exchanger to preheat the cold air to a suitable temperature.

The main characteristics of Fangkuai hot water boiler are as follows:

1. Integrated assembly factory
The high-efficiency air preheater, energy-saving, and condensing combination skid are integrated, and the high-efficiency ultra-low nitrogen split burner is adopted, which perfectly fits with the ABB fan inverter and Siemens controller. The boiler is assembled and delivered and is easy to install. It can meet the needs of personalized customization and change on demand.

2. Intelligent expert control system
It adopts high-quality high-definition color touch screen, high-performance PLC controller to monitor the operation of each part in the whole process, intelligent PID mode to adjust the air and gas volume, automatically adjust the operating state, accurately control the output load, duty-free, safe, intelligent, convenient, and environmentally friendly operation.

3. Ultra-high thermal efficiency
The boiler adopts a two-stage series heat exchange method, and a five-pass heat exchange process is designed. The flue gas can efficiently recover the sensible heat and latent heat of the flue gas through the high-performance air preheater and energy-saving condensation combination skid; the perfect combination of the high-performance inverter and the Cavallo cavalno variable-frequency split low-nitrogen burner, the load linear proportional output curve is complete Adapt to the actual needs of customers and tap more energy-saving space. Ensure efficient operation of the boiler (103%).

4. Ultra-low nitrogen emissions
It is derived from the Cavallo variable frequency split low-nitrogen burner in Italy, adopts four-stage fully mixed combustion technology, NOx ≤ 30mg/m3, and meets the most stringent requirements of the environmental protection department.

Therefore, if you have boiler needs, it is better to carefully select the boiler manufacturer. Fangkuai Boiler has A-level boiler manufacturing qualification and first-level boiler installation qualification. It has focused on the research and development of steam boilers, coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers, oil-fired boilers and other boilers for more than 20 years. The boilers of large factories are guaranteed and the price is low. , Such as common biomass boilers, oil-fired boilers and other quotations, the factory sends directly with high quality and low price. The thermal efficiency is high, and the heating area is larger than that of general boiler manufacturers. Some common boiler problems can be avoided, and the cost of gas boilers is reduced, corresponding to the increase in the cost-effectiveness of boilers.