How much is a hot water boiler for a bath hall with 60 shower heads?

2021 / Aug / Fri
The hot water boiler is an indispensable equipment for heating and hot water, and the same is true for the bathroom. It is very important for enterprises to choose a hot water boiler product of suitable tonnage and model according to their own demand for hot water. Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory will explain to everyone the hot water boiler for bathing hall with 60 shower heads that are more common recently.


The boiler is carried out in two parts of "boiler" and "furnace" at the same time. After the water enters the boiler, the heating surface of the boiler in the steam-water system transfers the absorbed heat to the water, so that the water is heated to a certain temperature and pressure of hot water or steam, which is led out application. In the combustion equipment part, the combustion of the fuel continuously releases heat, and the high-temperature flue gas produced by the combustion transfers the heat to the heating surface of the boiler through the heat transmission, and the temperature of itself is gradually reduced, and finally discharged by the chimney.

First of all, there are several types of hot water boilers according to different fuels: coal, gas, oil, firewood, biomass, and electricity. According to your usage, is it possible to concentrate on bathing during a certain period of time? How many people will take a bath continuously? If they are concentrated from 7 to 9 in the evening, consider using a 70,000 kcal oil-fired hot water boiler. The model is WNS0.7-95/70-YQ, and then make a 2 ton stainless steel heat preservation water tank, so that it will start to boil water at one o'clock every afternoon and the water in the water tank will be heated to more than 70 degrees through the water pump cycle. Ensure the hot water supply at night, fully automatic operation without human care, suitable for use in small bathhouses, pay attention to the oil quality used, otherwise the high failure rate will affect normal business. When the whole set comes down, the boiler is a little more than 10,000 yuan, two circulating water pumps are 1,000 yuan, and the water tank is more than 2,000. The water tank can be used to discharge water by gravity on the roof, saving an outlet pump.