1 ton natural gas fired boiler operating cost calculation

2021 / Aug / Fri
When purchasing boiler equipment, users should consider the quality and price of the boiler, and the operating cost is also the most concerned issue. As a large-scale industrial special equipment, the boiler has very high operating cost after startup. Today, i will calculate the operating cost of natural gas boilers to help you better understand gas fired boilers. In general, the operating cost of natural gas fired boilers includes: fuel cost, water&electricity cost, labor cost, and maintenance. Calculate the operating cost of the boiler 1tph by taking 1 hour as an example.


1. Gas cost
       The rated capacity is 1 ton / hour. The natural gas consumption in different regions is different. The natural gas consumption is 70-80 cubic meters per hour. According to our understanding, the price of natural gas on the market is RMB3.5/M3 (the price is slightly floating), the gas consumption is calculated according to 75 cubic meters.
          Gas cost: 1 × 75 × 3.5 = RMB262.5 / hour = 38 US dollars / hour.

2. Water cost
       1tph gas-fired steam boiler can convert 1 ton of water into 1 ton of steam in one hour. During operation, due to water demand such as sewage treatment and water softening treatment, it takes about 1.1 tons of water to produce 1 ton of steam in normal boilers. According to our understanding, the water price on the market is floating at around RMB 3/ton.
         Water cost: 1.1 × 3 = RMB3.3 / hour = 0.5 US dollars / hour.

3. Electricity cost
       The main power consumption of 1tph gas steam boiler is from a burner and a water pump, and most of the others are weak. The burner power is 1.5 kw, the pump power is 1.4 kw, and the other weak power uses about 1 kw. In the normal use of the boiler, the electric power is 0.65 times of the full-load power, and the total power calculated is (1.5KW+1.4KW+1KW)×0.65=2.535KW. According to the electricity fee is RMB1 / kWh. Electricity cost: 2.535 × 1 = RMB2.535 / hour = 0.4 US dollars / hour.

4. Labor cost
       The gas boiler that FANGKUAI Boiler made is a fully automatic and intelligent boiler equipment. It only needs one furnace worker to inspect, and there is no need to carry out high-intensity work such as manual fuel adding. The salary for furnace workers are calculated according to RBM3,000 / month, working 12 hours a day, two shifts.
          Labor cost: 3000 × 2 person / 30 days / 24 hours = RMB8.33 / hour = 1.2 US dollars / hour.

5. Maintenance cost
       The WNS series gas boiler and the SZS model gas boiler made by FANGKUAI Boiler have undergone all-round flaw detection and quenching treatment before leaving the factory. The failure rate is extremely low, and the downstream maintenance cost of the boiler is also reduced. If it is a 1tph gas-fired steam boiler, the maintenance cost can be around RMB2000 in a year. According to the 365 days a year, 8 hours per day, the hourly operating cost of the boiler is: 2000/365/8 = RMB0.68.

Combined with the cost of the above five aspects, we can sum up the hourly operating cost of a 1tph gas boiler: 262.5 + 3.3 + 2.535 + 8.33 + 0.68 = RMB277.345 / hour = $40.13 / hour.

In addition, we must also remind you that the above calculations are based on full-load operation, but because the enterprises have different boiler requirements, they may not be fixed at full capacity. Therefore, the actual operating cost of the boiler is lower than the current calculation of $40.13. If you have more questions about the operating costs of natural gas boilers, you are welcome to consult the FANGKUAI Boiler directly online to learn more about boiler equipment!