3 ton industrial boiler price

2021 / Aug / Mon
           Industrial boilers can not only provide kinetic energy to drive the operation of the equipment, but also output high-temperature and high-quality steam for direct use. The economic operation of industrial boilers can save investment costs to a large extent and increase the profitability of enterprises. During the operation of the boiler, the company needs to consider its operating cost, ensure that it conforms to the principles of economical application during use, and reduce the cost to a minimum. 1. Cost quotation of coal-fired boiler:

          The calorific value of coal used in coal-fired boilers is about 5500Kcal/Kg (calculated based on standard coal), and its market price is 480 yuan per ton (the price of coal is on the rise, and the purchase and sales channels are not smooth. In order to control the current bad energy, the waste is serious. Under the circumstances, coal prices have a continuing upward trend). Take a 10t steam boiler as an example, make a list:

           Fuel consumption: fuel consumption is 0.2 tons, unit price is 450 yuan, unit price is 92 yuan;

           Power consumption: power consumption 9.6Kwh, unit price 0.58 yuan, unit price 5.57 yuan;

           Ash removal and slag removal: consumption of 30,000 yuan / year, the price is 1.5 yuan;

          Environmental protection fee: consumption is 100,000 yuan/yuan, and the price is 5 yuan;

          Labor cost; consume 6 people, unit price is 20000 yuan/person, unit price is 6 yuan, total price: 110.07.

         2.  Cost quotation of gas boiler:

         The calorific value of natural gas of a 10-ton gas-fired boiler is 80,000kcal/Nm3, the price of natural gas per cubic meter is 2.0 yuan, and the price of natural gas consumed is 80 cubic meters per ton of steam, and the price is 160 yuan.

         Fuel consumption: fuel consumption is 80 cubic meters, unit price is 2.0 yuan, unit price is 160 yuan;

         Power consumption: power consumption 2.2Kwh, unit price 0.58 yuan, unit price 1.28 yuan;

         Ash and slag removal: consumes RMB 10 million/year; the price is RMB 0;

         Environmental protection fee: consumption is RMB 10 million/yuan, price is RMB 0;

         Labor cost; consume 1 person, unit price is 20,000 yuan/person, unit price is 1 yuan, total price: 162.28.

         If you have any questions about the specific 3 ton industrial boiler quotation, please contact our customer service. We will give you the result in the shortest time.