4 ton steam boiler cost

2021 / Aug / Thu
         The thermal efficiency of the Fangkuai WNS 4 ton steam boiler can be as high as 98%. The fuels that can be used include natural gas, liquefied gas, biogas, coal gas, light oil, heavy oil, etc. The main application areas are food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
        Fangkuai WNS steam boiler low NOx emission, condensing integrated steam boiler is a safe and efficient heating equipment with a fully automatic control system. This series of boilers adopts excellent design concepts. Through the condensing device, the heat of the flue gas is used in cascade, and the waste heat in the flue gas is fully absorbed, so that the efficiency of the boiler is greatly improved. Compact structure, small size, strong load adaptability, and low water quality requirements. The boiler adopts a wet back structure, adapts to high temperature, has good sealing performance, increases the radiation heat transfer area, and improves the heat transfer efficiency.

       Fangkuai WNS steam boiler has self-developed scale online warning technology and frequency conversion water supply technology. Once the boiler efficiency and performance are damaged, the high-sensitivity scale detection system will immediately activate the early warning device to remind users to deal with it in time. The dynamic water supply system can automatically adjust the water supply according to the actual operation requirements of the boiler, realize the dynamic balance of the boiler, and avoid the waste of resources.

     If you need a 4 ton steam boiler, please contact us in time, we will give you the best plan and price in the shortest time.