Price of 0.35MW electric boiler

2021 / Aug / Mon
            Electric boilers are a great solution for heating homes which have limited or no access to gas or oil. By not requiring the use of gas or oil, electric boilers have the added benefit of flexible installation. Unlike traditional gas boilers, an electric boiler can be installed in a variety of locations throughout your home.


         At Direct Heating Supplies we stock a wide range of electric boilers in a range of heat outputs, sizes and designs so you choose the right one to meet the needs of your property. With leading brands such as Heatrae you can rest assured you will be receiving a boiler of high quality and reliability.

         We offer free fast delivery on all electric boilers, so you can relax knowing that not only will you be receiving great value for money, but it won’t be long until your boiler is with you. If you have any queries regarding our electric boilers then please feel free to contact our team via our.

        FangKuai electric boilers  Easy to repair and maintain; Compared with traditional boilers, electric boilers are very quiet during operation due to fewer moving parts; Since electric boilers are more compact in size and do not require a flue, they can be installed in more areas of your home; they Can be connected to environmentally friendly power sources such as mains or solar power.
        Fangkuai electric boilers  the price is about $3000-$20000. Different types of electric boilers have different prices. Please contact me in time.