FANGKUAI Boiler launched enterprise VR, we are not just boiler manufacturers

2019 / Jun / Wed

What is the concept of "boiler"? Bulk shell? Dim boiler room? Smoke everywhere? In FANGKUAI Boiler, all these are broken.

We always welcome visiters from all around the world. But for many foreign customers who are far away, they cannot visit the factory. In order to solve this problem, we launched a highly intelligent enterprise VR. By scanning, we can see a 360-degree panoramic view of the FANGKUAI Boiler on the mobile phone.

Open the Panorama VR, you will see, a clean and beautiful mufti-functional digital exhibition hall, a cool and intelligent remote monitoring center, and a futuristic clean boiler laboratory... These scenes can show on your mobile phone and have an infinite visual impact!

From the panoramic VR above, do you have a new understanding of traditional boiler companies? From science to technology, technology to science fiction, science fiction to the future... What we can feel is to redefine the “future view” of boilers and to be a "new concept" for developing clean energy!

We can think that in the next few years to decades, FANGKUAI Boiler will realize digital workshop, open office, labor model innovation studio, garden industrial park, hotel staff dormitory, model customer's panoramic boiler room , honor VR, craftsman VR...

All of the above will be demonstrated through the FANGKUAI Boiler panoramic VR Atlas. People can feel the open attitude and strength of the boiler through the mobile phone!

FANGKUAI Boiler has more than 20 years of process precipitation, more than 100 national patents, more than 10 national-level honorary certificates, recommended products of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for energy conservation and emission reduction, and the only “Academician Workstation” recognized by the state in the domestic boiler industry. Under the aura, it is a constant stream of people. Pursuit and creation.