Good news: Fang Kuai Group was selected as the 2020 enterprise "leader" list

2021 / May / Wed

On December 19th, the enterprise standard "Leaders" conference co-sponsored by China Institute of Standardization and other 15 industry institutions was held in Beijing. As the only enterprise in the boiler industry, Fangfast Group was honored to be selected into the list of "Leaders" of enterprise standard in 2020 (the first batch). Production see "lead", consumption choose "lead".

Enterprise standards in "leading enterprises" represent the most advanced requirements of the industry, the most important content of soft power of contemporary enterprises, and the core competitiveness of enterprise competition.

As a technical enterprise deeply engaged in boiler industry for more than 20 years, Fangkuai always puts quality work in the first place of all work.

In 2015, Fangkuai first introduced the boiler quality "lifetime" management requirements in the boiler industry;

In 2017, under the requirements of comprehensive technical ability and quality standards, Fang Kuai quickly won the title of "Mayor Quality Award".

In 2020, the "technical conditions of combustion (oil) gas boiler shell type industrial boiler" of Fang Kuai has been highly recognized by the "leader" conference of enterprise standard, and has become the only one in the industry.

The national enterprise standard "leader" refers to the products or services with the leading level of core indicators in the same comparable range of public enterprise standards.

The inclusion of Fang Kuai in the list indicates that the main technical indicators of Fang Kuai enterprise standards have been reviewed and published by third-party evaluation agencies and experts, which are all higher than the national standards and in a leading position in the industry with significant advantages.

Under the excellent quality standards of Fangkuai products, Fangkuai products are widely used in important government agencies and well-known enterprises such as the People's Bank of China, Government Offices Administration Directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Geely Auto, Yili Group, etc., attracting the attention of the industry.

At the same time, according to the Guiding Opinions on Carring out Quality Improvement Actions issued by the State Council in 2017, it is required to implement the enterprise standard leader system, so as to strengthen the enterprise standard guidance, set up the industry benchmark, and promote the overall quality improvement.

In 2018, the State Administration for Market Regulation and eight other government departments jointly issued the Opinions on the Implementation of the Enterprise Standards "pacesetters" system, which aims to form 1,000, 500 and 200 "pacesetters" respectively in consumer goods, equipment manufacturing and service industries by 2020. Further clarifying the establishment methods of "leaders" in specific fields and in specific quantities, and putting the system into practice.

Quantity is limited, strict standards, Fang Kuai took the lead in the industry to walk in the forefront.

Fang Kuai focuses on innovation-driven, leading in standards. For the first time, the boiler remote monitoring system has been included in the factory standards of products, and the Internet of Things technology and big data ideas have been continuously pushed to socialized application. From paying attention to boiler manufacturing itself to paying attention to on-site operation of products, Fang Kuai built and operated the only "big database" of boiler operation in China, and jointly constructed the compound "standard" content of products and services in the new era.

Fang Kuai always adhere to the core values of "everything for the convenience of users". Fangkuai won the "leading qualification" this time, and has become a synonym for "high standard and strong quality" in the industry. It supports the new development of the boiler industry with benchmark quality, and brings high-quality thermal energy solutions to users.

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