The annual National Dealer Conference of Fangkuai Group has come to a successful conclusion

2021 / May / Wed

The annual "National Key Dealers Conference" of Fangfast Group was held as scheduled in Wanda Realm Hotel Anyang City. In the venue, guests and friends are full, like clouds of friends. VIP agents who have worked with Fang Kuai for many years gathered here. The chairman of the group first gave a welcome speech to all the industry leaders to express his heartfelt welcome. With the theme of "customer-oriented, deep cultivation of the industry, transformation ability, marketing landing", we are happy to communicate, happy and peaceful.

A country thrives from many difficulties. Last year's sudden COVID-19 epidemic brought many obstacles to the operation of enterprises and agents. In the past year, the agents rely on Fang Kuai and support Fang Kuai. Through the difficult times, the sales performance of Fang Kuai products will be stable in 2020.

Stable, behind the key word is "struggle", struggle, contains the element is "thanks". On this day in 2021, we meet again to begin a new chapter.

In 2021, the boiler market once again ushered in the rapid development of "New Yangchun". In this "spring is full of opportunity", there are both new opportunities for industry segmentation, but also a new increase in people's livelihood heating, more environmental protection to improve the new requirements.

Industry demand and regional demand have become new purchasing hot points, which brings new challenges to enterprises and agents. This conference focuses on new product strategy and layout, to cultivate and expand new growth points in 2021.

In the New Year, Fang Kuai also has her own thinking and changes.

In this meeting, the president of the group spoke about the new products of the second generation. Fang Kuai's deep understanding of thermodynamics was fully displayed to all the partners.

The gathering, the group's vice president of sales announced the new sales policy in 2021, which brings favorable cooperation to Junyan in the industry present;

In this exchange, our "enabling agent" invited well-known sales training lecturers in the industry to inject new knowledge into the field talents.