FANGKUAI ultra-low nitrogen boiler supply heat for Beijing APEC

2019 / Jun / Wed

APEC Summit 2014 (APEC) was held on November 10th in the Yanqi Lake Ecological Demonstration Zone in Huairou district, Beijing. Leaders from all over the world came to the conference.

The construction of the venue of this summit will attach great importance to the work of green environmental protection. In selecting boilers for heating and hot water services, the summit will clearly define the NOx emissions of the boilers and implement extremely strict NOx emission standards around the venue – 60 mg/m³. After choosing, FANGKUAI Boiler which is at the international leading level in nitrogen oxide emission technology, become the ultimate winner. The gas-fired hot water boiler, gas-fired steam boiler and integrated condensing boiler with ultra-low NOx emission independently developed by Fangkuai boiler have become the designated products for heating and hot water at this summit.

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the state is also preparing to issue strict standards for nitrogen oxides emission. This puts a rigid requirement on boiler companies – how to effectively reduce the nitrogen oxides in boiler flue gas.

However, it is happy to note that after the unremitting efforts of domestic boiler companies, China's low-nitrogen combustion technology has gradually entered the world's advanced ranks, surpassing many foreign advanced technologies.

For example, in China, a few boiler companies that have passed the test of ultra-low NOx emissions, FANGKUAI Boiler, which produces gas-fired hot water boilers, gas-fired steam boilers, and integrated condensing boilers, have far lower NOx emissions than required. It passed the test of the environmental protection department and was well received by users.

“The large furnace design of FANGKUAI Boiler provides a reliable space for flue gas burning. The burner interferes with the high temperature flue gas at the flame exit under the action of the special combustion head design, so that it can be carried out in the furnace. Re-circulation helps to achieve the purpose of full combustion (internal circulation). This design has helped Fangkuai boiler to reach the domestic leading level in ultra-low NOx. Recently, Fangkuai brand integrated condensing boiler successfully start to run in Beijing, helping the construction of the APEC summit venue in China.” FANGKUAI Boiler technical director said.

“Our vision is to continue to meet the convenience and energy-saving needs of thermal users, and to build FANGKUAI Boiler into the first brand of clean boilers in China. In the future, we will continue to explore in different fields such as ultra-low nitrogen, ultra-low dust and ultra-low noise. To achieve even greater results."