The 100-ton szs water tube boiler is in place to help the Winter Olympics a complete success

2021 / Oct / Tue
The preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are about to enter the final 100-day sprint. After nearly seven years of waiting, the world is paying more and more attention to what kind of passionate sparks will come out of China with its ancient civilization and the Olympic ice and snow event.

Recently, Fangkuai Boiler won the bid of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics overall environmental construction auxiliary supporting project site, the boiler has been completed and put in place. The hoisting work has been carefully organized and planned by the project department, and a thorough and scientific hoisting plan and safety measures have been formulated in advance. The "big guy" was successfully hoisted in place in a few hours, and won unanimous praise from the owner's engineer.

The project has a short lead time and several 100-ton water tube boilers were delivered on schedule, which brought a lot of pressure to the company. Fang Kuairen faced the difficulties, burned the sundial, and gave up the time to reunite with his family during the National Day holiday. The production workshop has become a mini "Olympic arena." Everyone fights for quality, compares speed, takes the lead, and meets difficulties. The "Olympic athletes" are in full swing in the workshop.

One-third of the day is doomed, and seven-pointers rely on hard work and hard work to win. Fangkuai people have brought a breakthrough in the delivery time for the company by virtue of their hardworking spirit and steadfast dedication. The 100-ton water tube boiler was put in place in time to ensure the overall progress of the Winter Olympics auxiliary supporting projects.

Subsequent boilers have also been produced and embarked on the journey to the site of the Zhangjiakou project.

Customer-centric, hard work will lead to success, hard work will lead to win!