"Warm and boundless, willing to love endless" donated by Linzhou Mountain Primary School

2019 / Jun / Wed

   “FANGKUAI Boiler, Warm Tour”, FANGKUAI Boiler “Departs for Love”. On December 14th, the bus filled with water purifiers, pipeline machines, books, stationery and other loving materials departs from the headquarters of Anyang FANGKUAI Boiler Manufacturer. Once again, Fangkuai came to the mountainous elementary school in Linzhou to send warmth and care to the teachers and children of the rural mountain primary school.

       Strolling on the campus, low school buildings, crowded classrooms, these are the lack of hardware for mountain basic education.
       Winter is coming, and mountain climate is most obvious. The cold and turbid drinking water in the hands of the children makes people feel uncomfortable.
       These difficulties and shortcomings have become the barbs in the hearts of all employees of Fangkuai Boiler, and have long been lingering in the heart.

       After learning about the current situation of the primary schools in Linzhou Mountain, we quickly prepared a large number of teaching supplies and made positive contributions to improving the hardware conditions for children in mountainous areas.
       In order to let the children drink clean and purified water, the group decided to provide six sets of water purification equipment and pipeline machines. Teachers and students can use this equipment to drink safe water. It can be said that they are more aware of the preciousness of pure and natural water.
       This time, FANGKUAI Boiler employees also brought nearly 1,000 extracurricular readings to the children of the two schools. Together with the donations in 2017, they donated more than 3,000 books to the two schools, adding more colors to the children's world.

       Ten Years Tree, One Hundred Years Tree Man. Love ids the most beautiful thing in this world. By offering love, Fagkuai will continue to pay attention to these children and stick to love them. In this way, after a few years, our little help will gradually take effect and gain fruit.