How to reduce the gas consumption of gas boilers

2019 / Sep / Fri
There are two main factors that cause high gas consumption in gas boilers. One is the large boiler load; the other is the low thermal efficiency of the boiler. To reduce air consumption, we must start from these two aspects.

1. Influence of boiler load
In the absence of measuring instruments, we measure the heat output according to conventional knowledge. When the user's demand for the boiler is unstable, the boiler consumes more heat and the load increases.

2. Influence of boiler thermal efficiency
There are many influencing factors in terms of boiler thermal efficiency. We list some common points. You can check against your own boiler equipment.

(1) The water quality of the boiler feed water is not good, and a lot of scale is accumulated after long-term operation, and the heat transfer efficiency of the heated surface is lowered. The thermal resistance of scale is 40 times that of steel, and the 1mm scale will increase fuel consumption by 15%.

(2) Ashing on the outer surface of the heated surface also increases fuel consumption. The furnace can be turned on to check the ash scale, or it can be determined by detecting the exhaust temperature.

(3) The boiler has a serious air leakage. Excessive cold air enters the furnace, and the oxygen content of the flue gas rises. When the smoke oxygen meter detects that the oxygen content of the flue gas exceeds 8%, excess air will appear and the heat loss will increase.

(4) The gas quality is lowered and the concentration is lowered. This requires a professional boiler technician to carry out a specific analysis.

(5) The burner automatically adjusts to failure. The burner mainly controls the combustion condition by automatically adjusting the "air-fuel ratio". If the sensor or computer program is unstable, although the combustion is normal, it will cause "chemical incomplete combustion heat loss". The combustion flame can be observed, the red fire represents poor combustion, and the blue fire represents good combustion.
The condensing gas boiler produced by FANGKUAI Boiler adopts advanced condensation technology to set up a condensing recovery device near the flue. When the high-temperature flue gas passes through the device, the latent heat part encounters the condensed water to release heat, which is provided to the boiler for absorption again. The thermal efficiency can be It is 98% high; it can save the company the fuel input cost of 50,000 to 100,000 yuan depending on the boiler capacity and maintenance quality.

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