How to calculate the oil consumption of oil fired boiler

2019 / Sep / Fri
As the name suggests, oil-fired boilers use oil fuels such as heavy oil and light oil to transport hot water or steam to the outside world, providing power to all industries in which the society produces and lives. The main features of the oil-fired boiler are energy conservation, environmental protection, and intelligent operation. The better the environmental protection effect of the boiler, the lower the gas consumption, the less the operating cost of the boiler. Regarding how to calculate the fuel consumption and fuel consumption of oil-fired boilers, many users are confused, FANGKUAI Boiler will answer your questions.

How to calculate the oil consumption of oil boiler?

calculate the oil consumption of oil boiler

Oil consumption = boiler output / Fuel calorific value / Boiler thermal efficiency;

For example: Oil consumption of 1 ton oil fired boiler

1. The output of a 1 ton oil-fired boiler is 600,000 kcal;

2. Assume that the boiler uses diesel as an energy source with a heating value of 42.42 MJ/KG;

3. The boiler thermal efficiency is calculated according to 92%;

The fuel consumption of a 1 ton oil boiler = 600.000 kcal 92% ÷ 42.42 MJ / kg = 65 KG.

The above formula is applicable to oil-fired boilers under rated operating conditions, which is an ideal value. However, in the actual operation of the boiler, the operating load and pressure have changed, and even the operation mode of the furnace workers is inconsistent, which will affect the fuel consumption of the boiler. Therefore, the fuel consumption of oil-fired boilers cannot be generalized.

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