How much is a 6 ton gas boiler?

2021 / Nov / Wed
Before discussing the price of gas boilers, let's introduce to you what a complete boiler system is like.

       A complete gas fired boiler not only includes the boiler body, but also the corresponding auxiliary equipment. Therefore, when we talk about gas-fired boilers, we often do not say one, but strictly speaking, it is a set.

       Many users are very concerned about the price of gas boilers. Now we take a 6-ton gas boiler as an example to analyze the main factors that determine the boiler price.

       The configuration of the main and auxiliary equipment of the 6-ton gas steam boiler is high or low. Take the gas boiler body as an example. There are horizontal three-pass structure and condensing structure. Different furnace types and different configurations will affect the price of the boiler.

The decisive factors for the price of a 6-ton gas boiler:
       1. The situation of the boiler itself, such as production technology, heat preservation effect and operational stability;
       2. The configuration of auxiliary equipment, such as the configuration of auxiliary equipment, load and manufacturer;
       3. The situation of the boiler manufacturer itself, such as the time of establishment of the plant, brand awareness, etc.

Without confirming the boiler model and auxiliary equipment configuration, the manufacturer cannot determine the accurate quotation of the boiler. Therefore, when the user consults the price of the boiler, the pre-sales consultant will ask about the basic situation of the boiler project, such as which industry it belongs to (determine the boiler pressure), which area it is used in (considering local environmental protection policies), and when it will be used (delivery date) After confirming the selection of the boiler and the user's requirements, we can make a reasonable boiler quotation for the user.